South Yarra & AShburton

Epic Dance Studio 

Dance, Gym,nastics, Dream Epic...

We are a dance school with a big heart ..At Epic we believe kids deserve the very best in physical development opportunities and training. No matter what physical size or shape, gender or cultural differences all kids may be, at Epic we embrace the diversity and provide an arena where each individual can flourish. Classes are structured so kids can learn at their own pace and find challenges appropriate to their own physical developmental stage. The classes provide platforms for self-expression, creative exploration, physical skill development and for the development of self confidence and healthy ego's. At Epic, classes are taught in an exhilarating environment with popular music as the backdrop. The music energises and motivates the students to jump higher, move more articulately and teaches them rhythm, movement dynamics and musicality. And let's face it...who doesn't like working out to cool music? At Epic we fuse gymnastics, acrobatics and circus skills with a range of popular dance styles. In one single class, the students are exposed to a massive range of elements, keeping the classes appealing and stimulating. Kids love to achieve tricks, so skill sheets are used to encourage and reward achievements. Epic is a social place, where we embrace new friendships. At Epic kids learn coordination, fitness, spatial awareness, creative expression and perseverance. Epic teachers/coaches are warm, passionate and popular individuals, who are extensively trained and accomplished in the industry. They use humour and enthusiasm to inspire and lead the children through the classes.  We look forward to seeing you at Epic!